Kevin Behnke

Kevin Behnke was born into adventures. His mother had him in Afghanistan while on a Peace Corps mission. He lived there until he was a few months old, and when he left, the locals asked his parents to leave him there so he could teach them English when he grew up. From there, he lived in 6 countries, including Trinidad Tobago, a soccer team he still roots for to this day. He landed in Aspen, Colorado where he got his start in the pizza business. He moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1998 where Kevin has been throwing pies and taking names ever since.

Colorado was great for his love of snowboarding and skateboarding, but was landlocked. He had been surfing on and off since he was 16, and the waves were calling him. He travelled around Nicaragua searching for the best spot to relax and have the beaches to himself. He chose Finca del Mar because of the uncrowded surf spots, and has been surfing there every chance he gets for the last ten years. He built himself a beach house and enjoyed the peace and tranquility so much, that he wanted to share it with his closest friends- which is how he came up with the idea for Wellness Adventures.